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Beauty Salon Setup Consultancy UAE



Beauty Salon Setup Consultancy UAE

Do you plan to set up your own spa and salon in Abu Dhabi and wonder if it is worth pursuing? Royal Metis is here to furnish you with all the answers. We are a professional business consultancy provider with vast experience in the beauty industry set up all over the UAE. We aim to support upcoming investors in realizing their dreams by guiding them through the process of setting up beauty businesses from scratch and improving existing ones. We offer personalized yet professional business strategy guidelines that are geared towards client satisfaction and business growth. Run by an elite team of business-savvy individuals, we structure our services primarily towards meeting market demands, which is the main objective of any business. We offer a broad scope of services and support for our clients that are tailor-made to individual needs. Our company portfolio and client testimonials speak for themselves and prove our efficiency in the business consultancy space. To learn more or avail of our service, get in touch with our team today!

Build Your Dream
Salon in Dubai

Build Your Dream Salon in Dubai

The beauty sector presents many services that never run out of demand due to the recurring need for people to groom themselves, look good, and feel good. Not to forget special occasions like weddings or a night out, which call for professional services from the beauty industry for both men and women. It is possible to build your dream salon in the UAE more so in Dubai, which has rapidly grown over the years and has endless opportunities. At Royal Metis, we can guide you through your beauty business setup and get you up and running with ease.

Requirements to Start a Beauty
Salon in Dubai

As a mandatory obligation for those in the beauty business, there are a few requirements to set up your own spa and salon in Dubai. These are as follows:

  • Get all legal and regulatory needs met, checked and approved by the designated Authorities that approves all businesses within Dubai.
  • You should have apt signage that can be easily seen from the facade of the premises of the salon or barbershop.
  • The local authority must inspect the premises alongside minimum health, civil defense, and municipality requirements and approve the readiness of the premises.
  • The beauty salon must be established in a location whose height from the floor up is higher than 2.3 meters.
  • Different sections must be clearly stipulated for different services in the facility, i.e., hair and beauty. Beauty sections should be aptly partitioned away from the primary hair section and should measure more than 2.5m by 1.5m.
Requirements to Start a Beauty Salon in Dubai 1
Requirements to Start a Beauty Salon in Dubai 2
  • For the hair dressing area, the chairs should measure at least 3m width and 3.5m long as the minimum measurements.
  • There needs to be proper lockable storage areas to keep products, cosmetics, linen, like aprons, and wipes. Drawers, cabinets, or cupboards can be used.
  • A proper sink area should be identified for all washing obligations of the beauty facility.
  • A reliable water heating system should be installed during the fit-out, and it should always be functional.
  • Considering the nature of the business and utilization of electric heating tools, the main salon section for hair treatments must be constructed from fireproof materials for safety precautions.

Types of Beauty Salon
Licenses in Dubai

While you build your dream salon in Dubai, we have two sorts of permits involved that will allow you to operate depending on the choice of services you want to render:



This permit allows for all hair and beauty related treatments for women, including make-up services.



This permit allows for all hair treatments such as haircuts, dyeing, relaxing, and beauty treatments such as pedicures and facials for men.