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3 Ways to Enhance Air Quality in Salons and Spas

3 Ways to Enhance Air Quality in Salons and Spas

3 Ways to Enhance Air Quality in Salons and Spas

Spas and salons provide a sanctuary for individuals to look their best and feel their best. However, they are also full of chemicals from hair dyes, hair sprays, and nail services. While you and your staff may be used to these smells, it doesn’t mean your clients will feel comfortable with these chemical odors.

A healthy and comfortable atmosphere is essential for the success of your business. If the air quality in your salon isn’t well maintained, you could lose customers. Luckily there are a few ways you can improve the air quality in your salon. Here are the top three tips to enhance your spa’s air quality.

Take Advantage of an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are an excellent and non-invasive way to enhance the air quality in your spa. There are even air purifiers specifically designed for spas and salons that include HEPA technology. HEPA technology allows the air purifier to eliminate dust, particles, and unpleasant vapors or odors, all of which work to improve your air quality. HEPA filters block out close to 99.9% of airborne pollutants. Remember to change your filter according to the directions (usually every month or so).

When it comes time to determine which air purifier to purchase, it’s essential to buy one specifically designed for commercial use. Commercial air purifiers work to eliminate chemical vapors from the air, unlike most home air purifiers which typically cannot handle the higher levels of contaminants.

Great Ventilation is a Must

Excellent ventilation is the first place to start when you want to improve the air quality in your spa. Install exhaust systems in every workstation as you design your spa or look for a space to use. These exhaust systems work to extract vapor and dust particles released during a salon session. When this happens, these airborne particles no longer circulate in the air. Use a commercial-grade exhaust system to remove fine air particulates from the source for the best results.

Air Purifier for salons and spa

Control Humidity

It’s not uncommon for salons and spas to have high humidity levels. Services such as steam baths, saunas, relaxation rooms, and facial steams all add moisture to the surrounding air. Humid air not only feels unpleasant, but also lowers indoor air quality. Excessive moisture in the air can also lead to bacteria and promote mold growth.

Signs of excessive humidity can include:

  • Water droplets around the windows, vents, or along the walls
  • Foul or rancid odors
  • Paint chipping off the walls
  • Muggy or dense air
  • Mildew or mold

We suggest installing HVAC equipment to regulate indoor temperatures and humidity. Commercial HVAC equipment is specifically designed to increase air circulation and block air contaminants. Pair your HVAC unit with a dehumidifier, which will draw moisture from the air.

Royal Metis Spa and Salon Consultancy

Spa products, humidity, and fumes all can lead to poor air quality, and your clients deserve the best. Improving the air quality in your salon is essential to maintaining a safe and relaxing environment. Whether you are opening a spa for the first time or are looking to enhance the air quality in your current space, we can help. At RMC (Royal Metis Consultancy), we help entrepreneurs develop their business from concept creation and market analysis to design to branding and everything in between. If you feel a little, or a lot overwhelmed and want to avoid professional burnout, we can help!

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