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5 Benefits of Using SMS Marketing in Your Business

5 Benefits of Using SMS Marketing in Your Business

5 Benefits of Using SMS Marketing in Your Business

In 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic began businesses were forced to become more creative with their outreach. Because in-person shopping was no longer an option, more tech-savvy ways of interacting and selling to customers became a must. Over the past few years, social media marketing, email campaigns, online shopping, and SMS marketing increased significantly, becoming the new industry standard. 

Has your business updated its marketing methods? If not, stick around to learn about the benefits of using SMS marketing in your business.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is marketing sent via text message to a targeted audience. The caveat is that this target audience must willingly opt-in before receiving the marketing messages. There are many ways an individual can opt-in, but one of the most effective ways to encourage individuals to sign-up is through incentives offered by the business (such as a 10% discount). SMS marketing can be used in a variety of ways to benefit your business, including remarketing, surveys, cart abandonment follow-up, and personalized promotions and discounts.

SMS is Received at High Rates

The effectiveness to reach customers through SMS marketing cannot be denied. The average open rate for an SMS campaign is around 98%, compared to the open Email rate, which averages around 20%. Text messaging is very successful thanks to the instant notifications the users get right on their phones. These days, opening a text is almost a mindless task, so even if a customer chooses not to interact, they are at the very least receiving the message.

SMS Marketing Offers Privacy and Control to Clients

As mentioned earlier, clients must opt-in to receive SMS marketing messages. Additionally, if they feel burdened by excess SMS marketing messages, they also have the option to opt-out at any time. Furthermore, the client is also provided plenty of privacy through SMS marketing as businesses are not allowed to see if the message was received or any other identifying information such as profile photos and other personal information (as they would on social media). This allows customers to control when they want to participate and when they want to stop.

SMS Marketing benefits

Provides Excellent Brand Positioning

In a saturated market full of salons, positioning your brand and business to stand out is a must. Embracing new tech trends shows your clientele your business is up to date with the latest innovative trends. Additionally, your SMS marketing guarantees your customers will get all your discounted services, inventory sales events, and new services. It’s an easy way to stay in touch with your clients

Increases Opportunities for Customer Service

The SMS marketing and customer service opportunities allow real-time updates for order confirmations, dispatch notifications, service tracking updates, and final delivery confirmations. Some SMS messaging systems may even offer the opportunity for clients to interact with a live customer service agent via SMS messaging, with no need to log into any traditional apps.

Offers Higher Conversion Rates

Although data varies, SMS marketing has shown much higher conversion rates in comparison to email marketing, Google ads, and Facebook ads. By personalizing messages and creating a clear call to action, your business is likely to attract customers’ attention even when they didn’t plan on buying.

Add SMS Marketing Tools to Your Repertoire with Royal Metis

With higher conversion rates and very little money spent, SMS marketing is the marketing trend that’s here to stay. By adding direct marketing tools such as SMS to your business’s repertoire you can increase traffic to your site, increase sales, and promote important messages with short, concise messages that are read by nearly 99% of the target audience. 

Are you unsure of where you should start? Contact our team of professionals at Royal Metis to help get your salon on track with SMS Marketing services!