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5 ways to avoid burning out

5 Proven Ways to Avoid Burning Out

5 Proven Ways to Avoid Burning Out

As you already know, running a successful salon or spa can be exhausting work. It’s never just the Monday through Friday, 9-5 job. Caring for your clients’ experience, your facility sanitization, your brand marketing, your operations and finances demands, can take a toll on the body, mind, and spirit. With so many tasks and to-do lists, it’s essential to take time for yourself to refresh and recharge to avoid burnouts.

As all business owners and managers know, you can’t increase business and revenue without taking care of yourself! Follow along for our five proven ways to avoid professional burnouts.

Know Your Personal Signs of Stress

As professionals, we tend to push ourselves past the normal limits. After all, we have a business to run. But no company is great without its fearless leader at the helm, so it’s essential to understand your personal signs of stress.

Do you start to feel anxious and begin to talk to yourself? Maybe you bite your fingernails? Whatever it is, it’s crucial for you to self acknowledge when you are stressed. Even more importantly, when you start to recognize those signs and symptoms, have a plan to combat them. Maybe it’s time for a massage, haircut, or deep breathing? Do whatever works for you to help level back out.

Take Breaks and Delegate Tasks

Don’t be afraid to take a much-deserved break when you start to feel those signs and symptoms. Those breaks can look like an extra day off for a few weeks in a row, half days, a tropical vacation, or simply delegating core tasks. Think: Which tasks can be done by another professional and which should stay in-house? 

A professional company can easily do chores such as deep cleaning a salon. Other things that need more intimate knowledge can be delegated, if even briefly, to a trusted team member. Delegation is a great way to teach your employees new tasks, but it also shows them you trust them while simultaneously allowing employees a chance to develop a sense of pride in their workplace.

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Set Boundaries

Establishing boundaries is such an important part of running a salon, spa, or medi-spa. Yes, it’s great to be well connected and responsive to employees and clients, but how much is too much? If you find yourself answering emails late at night when you’re lying in bed, it’s time to step away and designate specific hours of communication. It’s always okay to set boundaries. Communicate your boundaries to employees, clients, and vendors, and stick to them. Protecting your health and well being will also preserve the integrity and smooth flow of your company.

Positive Mindset and Actions

Although it may feel impossible at times, keeping a positive mindset is a must! When you speak to yourself kindly, you’ll find your overall perspective and actions will follow suit. Take it a step further and complement, encourage, and enhance your peers’ positive mindset too. A happy and positive workplace will be welcoming to your customers, who may even find themselves wanting to join in on the fun! 

So what does a positive mindset mean? Instead of complaining it’s Monday with a busy week ahead, shift your stress focus to gratitude by saying something like, “Wow, I am blessed to have a full week of clients booked.” A simple mindset shift can go a long way toward mitigating anxiety.

Switch Up Your Business Model

If burnout runs rampant amongst you and your professional team, it’s time to switch up your business model. Just like self-identifying personal stressors, take a gage on the workplace culture, employee challenges, customer service practices, etc. It’s essential to identify what’s running smoothly and what can be improved. Don’t be afraid to include input from your employees, as they often have firsthand knowledge of what is and isn’t working for the team. As an added practice, it’s important to develop a way to create workplace accountability (e.g. evaluations, commission, etc.) and to provide additional professional training as needed.

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Opening a salon is an exciting time in your life and career, but it’s always important to take time for yourself to avoid burnout. At RMC (Royal Metis Consultancy), we help entrepreneurs develop their business from concept creation and market analysis to design to branding and everything in between. If you feel a little, or a lot, overwhelmed and want to avoid professional burnout, we can help!

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