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dos and don'ts of spa social media

Do’s and Don’ts of Spa Social Media

Do’s and Don'ts of Spa Social Media

According to Internet Live Stats, Google processes over 40,000 searches every second on average. This translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Moreover, according to Global Digital Overview, there are 4.48 billion social media users around the world in July 2021, equating to almost 57 percent of the total global population. The larger your social media presence, the more likely your website will gain traction and generate leads.

Why does your spa need a social media presence?

Social media is the ideal way to reach current and potential clients by simply posting across your platforms. Based on publicly available data, in 2021 at least 17 social media platforms have 300 million or more monthly active users, to include:

  • Facebook (2.853 billion users)
  • YouTube (2.291 billion users)
  • WhatsApp (2 billion users)
  • Instagram (1.386 billion users)
  • TickTock (732 million users)
  • Snapchat (514 million users)

If your spa is not leveraging the reach of social media, your business is missing out on connecting with clients and their extended networks.

Do: Create a Strategy

With so many social media platforms to choose from, it’s important to choose the right ones to market your brand. You need to be where your audience is. Where is your target demographic most active? Once you’ve decided which platforms to use, you can create a schedule for your posts.

Do: Create a Schedule

​​Your posts will go unnoticed if your spa is not updating your content frequently. It’s essential to create a schedule and to determine the frequency of your posts. For example, will you be posting once a day or three times a day? Will you be posting every day of the week or just a few times a week? Frequent posts help ensure you get in front of your audience during the times of day they are active.

Don’t: Forget to Post On Time

It’s not enough just to post frequently. You also need to understand what time each post needs to go live. This starts with understanding what time your audience is most active. For instance, if you have a business Facebook page for your spa business, you can click on ‘insights’ and then ‘Posts’, to know the days and times your audience is active the most.

dos and donts of social media

Don’t: Post to Just Post

The most successful spas on social media take time to plan their content. Their posts are strategic, authentic, and connect with their audience. When you post just to post, you run the risk of losing your audience to your competitors. As you build brand awareness across all of your social media platforms, you’ll begin to recognize what content appeals to your audience. For example, your Instagram audience may prefer completely different content than your Facebook audience. Customizing your content strategy specifically to each platform will increase your reach and engagement.

Do: Give Your Audience a Look Behind the Curtain

Not only is social media a great marketing medium, but it’s also a great story-telling tool. Social media allows you to give your clients a glimpse behind your brand. Behind-the-scenes content humanizes your spa and makes it more relatable. Using features such as Instagram stories to share pictures and videos that are a little less polished than what you post in your feed. Show them what it’s like to be a part of your team. Your clients will appreciate the transparency.

Don’t: Remove Posts Just Because They Are Negative

How you react to a negative review can bring in new clients and strengthen the connection you have with your current clients. Try not to become discouraged by a bad review and don’t take it personally. Instead, make it work for your business. Spend less time focusing on how you can get rid of negative reviews and more time focusing on how you can improve the situation that caused the negative review. This will show your clients you genuinely care about their experience.

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Royal Metis Consultancy 

Now that you’re familiar with some of the do’s and don’ts for enhancing your social media to build brand awareness and promote your spa, it’s time to build your marketing strategy. At RMC (Royal Metis Consultancy), we work with spa owners to help them establish, market, and grow their business. 

We leverage our experience to help you successfully launch your business. Whether you are a new company or are just starting out, we can help you from concept creation and spa design to marketing and providing your service offerings. Our professional spa consultants are here to help you from start to finish to ensure you place your best foot forward.

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