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How to Create a Spa Membership and/or Loyalty Program

How to Create a Spa Membership and/or Loyalty Program

How to Create a Spa Membership and/or Loyalty Program

The terms spa membership and loyalty program are often used interchangeably. However, they are not precisely the same. Today we’ll shed some light on these terms, how they benefit your business, and how to successfully incorporate them into your spa or salon.

What is a spa membership program?

With a spa membership program, your clients opt to pay a monthly membership fee to receive access to specific treatments, services, discounts, and other promotional benefits. Spa membership programs are beneficial for both your salon and your spa. For the client, they get to experience all of the products and treatments they love at a discounted price. A membership program for your spa helps ensure your client keeps coming back for more. Additionally, a membership program provides your salon with a steady stream of revenue while reducing the stress of wondering if you’ll have clients from month to month.

How to create a spa membership program

It can feel overwhelming starting a spa membership program. However, with a few simple steps, you can have your membership program up and running in no time at all!

Design your program: Start by deciding on the type of program you want. For example, does membership gain access to special events (like a sip and paint), or special service pricing (such as bundling packages at a discounted price)? Just be sure not to get too focused on a specific treatment. The goal is to appeal to as many clients as possible. You can do this by combining treatments and offerings to attract a wide range of client interests.

– Determine your price: When it comes to price, the idea is to charge enough to build a steady passive revenue stream while simultaneously offering enticing discounts on products and services. Don’t get too hung up on your competitors’ pricing. Remember what you have to offer and price accordingly.

– Manage memberships and monthly payments: As your membership program grows, you’ll need to streamline your program by leveraging the power of a membership software management system. The affordable and easy-to-use programs provide salon owners with helpful solutions for tracking, retention, attrition, and understanding the general success of your spa membership program. This will help free up your time to focus on other essential areas of your daily operations. Establishing an automatic payment system to track monthly payments is also important. Membership management software can help you track when payments go through and when they fail.

– Create clear guidelines: It’s important to establish and communicate clear expectations and guidelines for your spa membership program. Outline the terms and conditions included in the program, the price of the program, and provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). For example, how to cancel a membership, family usage, membership agreements, etc.

– Launching your program: Before you launch your program, you need to market your program. Whether you opt for flyers, postcards, email campaigns, or leverage the reach of your social media platforms, you need to get the word out and build help about your upcoming launch.

– Team training: The success of your membership program depends on the efforts of your entire team. Take time to educate your staff, establish performance expectations, and implement employee rewards based on how many memberships they recruit. Make sure your team understands the program and how it will benefit clients and the spa.

Track member usage: It’s very important to track your member’s usage to ensure your spa’s membership program’s long-term success and lifetime value. If a member decreases their membership usage, perhaps you need to change the membership offerings. The goal is to get your clients to use their membership program to book upcoming services and to spread the word about how excellent the program is.

What is a spa membership program

What is a spa loyalty program?

A spa loyalty program rewards your clients for choosing your spa over local competitors and using your products and services regularly. A loyalty program refers to a system that rewards recurrent loyalty. Rewards can range from promotional discounts and special appreciation events to free products and services. Your loyalty program can also attract brand ambassadors who will spread the word about your business. You can also use it for marketing purposes. For example, you could offer clients better prices on the products for loyalty members, which provides an excellent opportunity for an upsell in services.

How to create a spa loyalty program

There are several ways to set-up your customer loyalty program. 

1. Evaluate your potential client: Before you launch your loyalty program, it’s essential to understand your client’s needs. Take into consideration what your clients want and why they want it. How can your program add value to their needs? Although you want to attract new clients, retaining existing clients is cheaper. The best loyalty programs ensure your clients won’t jump ship to a nearby competitor.

2. Establish clear goals: What do you want to achieve with your loyalty program? Do you want to attract brand ambassadors? Are you looking to increase sales and upselling within the spa? Understanding your goals will help you set the parameters of your loyalty program.

3. Establish your loyalty reward: Before you launch, you need to clearly define what your loyalty rewards program will give your clients. While the possibilities are endless, standard spa rewards programs include a free gift on their birthday, treatment specials (such as buy three get one free promotions), or earning a point for every dollar you spend (points can be turned in for free services, coupons, or swag).

Similar to a spa membership program, be sure to educate your staff and entice them to get your clients to join! Once everyone is in sync, get the word out and prepare to launch!

What is a spa loyalty program

Spa Membership Programs and Loyalty Programs with Royal Metis

Creating and launching a spa membership or loyalty program can become time-consuming and overwhelming. From concept creation and market analysis to launching your programs, the professionals at RMC (Royal Metis Consultancy) are here to help. We work with entrepreneurs to develop their businesses and programs to ensure they launch seamlessly. If you feel a little, or a lot, overwhelmed we can help!

Contact a member of our team to learn how we can help you.