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Top 5 Professional Tips for Healthy Hair

Top 5 Professional Tips for Healthy Hair

Top 5 Professional Tips for Healthy Hair

Providing top-notch hair care is your salon’s number one goal, which means you and your team must understand the best ways to maintain all types of hair. Whether clients have dry, oily, long, short, curly, or straight hair, it’s your job as a professional to teach them how to care for it! No worries, we’ve got you covered with our favourite tips for healthy hair!

Develop a proper washing and drying routine

When it comes to washing hair, there are many things to recommend to your clients. Talk with them about how frequently they’re washing and ask them what products they’re using. Are they using the right product for their hair type? Are they washing too frequently or not enough? Getting your client on a proper wash schedule is a must. Recommending dry shampoo options between those options may also be helpful. This is also a great way to sell your favourite products right in your salon for a passive commission. 

Drying hair less frequently with minimal heat is the optimal solution (this goes for styling wands and straightening too). Repetitive heat damage without proper care and protective products will result in severely damaged hair that looks dry, brittle, and unhealthy. Help your clients to develop a healthy drying routine and offer up heat-protective products that may benefit their hair type and lifestyle routines.

Scheduling haircuts for healthy growth

Although some hair types and personal lifestyles require more maintenance than others, it is recommended that individuals who regularly colour, heat style, and use conditioning products get a trim approximately every eight weeks. For those who have a lower maintenance routine, going longer periods of time between haircuts may be possible, if they aren’t experiencing tons of split ends. If you start to notice damaged hair or split ends between cuts, talk to your stylist about the ideal time between cuts to maintain optimal hair health.

Tips for Healthy Hair

Make those locks shine

Shiny hair can provide clients with a glamorous, sleek look that gives off those top-model vibes! Recommending cooler water during showers is one way to help give your hair that glistening look. Cooler water closes cuticles, which in turn reflects light creating a shiny look. There are also plenty of protecting oils, creams, and serums on the market to be recommended. You know your client best, help them find the perfect fit.

To colour or not to colour?

Colouring too often can wreak havoc on hair, even causing it to fall out if done improperly. It’s recommended that clients and stylists space their hair colouring appointments out at least six to eight weeks to give the hair time to recover and hydrate. We know this is tricky for those unwanted roots, but it’s better than brittle, falling-out hair. If your client disagrees, it is important to educate them on the repercussions of colouring too soon.

Troubleshoot hair loss concerns

Hair loss can send clients into a panic attack, especially when it feels unexpected and in large amounts. Hair stylists should use their knowledge to help diagnose the problem, if possible. Has your client been colouring their hair too much? Was too much bleach applied by another stylist? Are they experiencing hormonal changes such as pregnancy, post-partum, or menopause? 

Whatever the issue, it’s important to arm yourself with the knowledge to let them know why it may be happening and what their options are for future hair growth. For some, the solution may mean that they should stop dying their hair to allow for recovery, for others, the issues may pass when the hormonal concerns have been resolved. In some instances, seeing a medical professional may be the best solution.

Professional Tips for Healthy Hair

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