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At Royal Metis, we offer guidance in brand expansion and franchising in GCC countries. Once a business is set up and has been operational for a while, expansion is always a prospect to consider with increased company stability and profitability. While many shy away from franchising due to the processes involved, we are here to help simplify it and provide you with a step by step assistance towards attaining your goal. The main task surrounding franchising is in-depth research to develop one standard way of executing the business, including daily operations, staff training, aesthetics, and branding. This requires expertise, market research, and consultations to develop a reliable format template to be adopted by the upcoming franchise outlets.

We work closely with our clients throughout this process to come up with a sustainable business model that they can use in their expansion. Clients are welcome to consult with us and understand the franchising business model and how it can contribute to their business growth.

Understanding Franchising and its Benefits

Franchising can be a delicate matter, which is why it is vital to assess its suitability for a given business. Before venturing into a franchise, it is crucial to understand its dynamics, the licensing process, and standard factors that govern such companies in the UAE. However, there are many advantages that franchising can offer you as a business owner, such as:

– Faster growth of the business. Having franchise outlets will do more for you as a business owner than you would possibly do for yourself within a short period.

– They have reduced investment costs. As a franchisor, the financial obligation with the setting up of every new outlet is reduced as more costs will fall under the franchisee’s obligations.

– Reduced liability. With franchising, there is minimum loss should anything happen to the business. This makes the financial burden in challenging situations significantly less than if one individual chose to open many branches as a sole investor.

– Improved management. It is easier to oversee a franchise since the franchisor only has to deal with several standard aspects of operations. All minor management concerns are addressed at the individual franchisee level.

– Less commitment is required. Franchise owners can venture into other activities as they are not directly involved in everyday operations. This is beneficial as it keeps the profits streaming in without putting in too much energy to oversee operations.

How We Help


Becoming a franchisee to a business comes with many predetermined advantages that attract many individuals. Franchises tend to provide more reliable solutions for persons looking to invest in business instead of starting from scratch. With franchising taking root in the business world, potential investors can consider the same as a long-term benefit with almost guaranteed returns over shorter periods. At Royal Metis, we guide franchisees in acquiring their own franchise business with ease and offer support after that to ensure a seamless experience. We help interested individuals to:

– Identify suitable franchising opportunities.

– Conduct market research and determine if the business structure and returns align with the interests of the franchisor.

– Negotiate terms with franchisors to get the best possible deal that benefits both parties and the business.

– Attain all necessary legal and local authority clearance required to get the franchise up and running.

– Determine the suitability of the company in comparison to starting a separate one of the same nature altogether.

– Conduct subsequent follow up with the franchisors to ensure the smooth running of the company.


We also help franchisors to set up and run their franchises at an affordable fee. Managing several branches of one business can be an uphill task, and we lessen the burden by using our efficient strategies in franchising. The Salon and Spa industry is a delicate venture and setting up a franchise for the same requires a lot of initial hands-on processes before everything is completed and left in the hands of the franchisee. We provide support to the franchisor to:

– Vet interested franchisees and prioritize those who seem aligned to the businesses’ vision and goals.

– Develop a work plan on how to diversify the business and manage the franchises from a central point.

– Oversee the franchisees as they set up the companies and offer support to them where needed to adhere to the business model.

– Determine reasonable fees and levies to charge the franchisee as a commission on sales and annual charges.

– Draft the necessary contract terms under which franchisees can come on board the business.

Is My Spa or Salon Business Suitable for Franchising?

In case you are wondering if your salon or spa business is suitable for franchising, the following are a few essential pointers that can help you self-evaluate before seeking professional opinion:


A franchise will thrive if the business has already established itself and developed its client niche. When customers take pride in being associated with your brand, it is a good pointer that your spa or salon could thrive as a franchise.


If your salon or spa can consistently deliver the same level of service long-term to its clients, it would probably do well as a franchise if a second and third outlet opens up.

Good Reputation

If your salon or spa continues to have a good record of delivery and customer service, it goes a long way. Clients would continue to believe in the business and support a franchise set up in another location.


If, as a business owner, you are capable of running your salon or spa business in different places efficiently, then franchising would be a smooth transition and a smart move to expand and grow the business.

Attractive Market Position

If your salon business already has some monopoly or advantage over others, it is likely to do well as a franchise. This is because having the upper hand in the market in itself warrants success when subsequent outlets are opened.