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Start Your Salon or Barbershop

Are you someone who holds a passion for hairstyling? Then why not turn that passion into an income by starting your own hair salon in Dubai? As one of the leading business setup consultancies in the UAE, we here at Royal Metis focus on helping our clients start their own barbershop and put them on a path to success. From writing a business plan to sourcing equipment and hiring stylists, we use creative processes and proven strategies to give you the salon that you’ve always dreamed about.

There is a lot to think about when you are planning to start your salon or barbershop. Although the UAE market presents a significant opportunity, one will need to have the necessary beauty expertise, people skill, and business acumen to achieve the desired level of success. Our team here at Royal Metis is composed of professionals having several years of experience within the industry and, as such, can help you achieve more, both creatively and financially. For more details about our hair salon setup service in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, contact our team today!

Start Your Dream Hair Salon
in the UAE

Start Your Dream Hair Salon in the UAE

As we suggest to most professional business entities, if you wish to set up a barbershop in the UAE, it’s better to do so by acquiring a Mainland license. Not only does this type of visa enable you to apply for an unlimited number of employee visas, but the business shall also be provided with the freedom and flexibility to manage and grow their business. A Freezone license also offers its own range of benefits, including 100% ownership and exemption from personal and capital gain taxes, to name a few.

* Abu Dhabi is composed of eight different Freezones, and the rules and regulations concerning business setup are different for each of them.

Requirements to Start a Hair
Salon in Dubai

For a barbershop to be eligible for a business license, they must satisfy specific requirements. By choosing Royal Metis as your hair salon setup consultancy, you can free yourself from tons of paperwork and legwork that would otherwise be needed.

Should have a clear name board.

Should be designed with sufficient lighting, and proper furniture needs to be used.

Furniture and other amenities must meet Dubai Municipality guidelines.

Should have a water heater installed within its premises.

Should have cupboards installed to store cosmetics and other accessories.

Types of Hair Salon
Licenses Available

Based on your target audience, one can essentially choose between two types
of hair salon licenses in Dubai.



Under this business license, you will be allowed to render all hairdressing related services, including hair washing, trimming, straightening, bread trimming, and more. You will also be able to provide beautification services, including skin cleansing and face care, among other activities.



With this license, the holders may perform hair care and beautification services, including facial, dyeing, makeup, manicure, pedicure, and more. For women’s hair salon license, approval is required from both the DED and also the department of health and public safety.