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Nails Salon setup in Abu Dhabi has branched off from the mainstream traditional salons that have been popular for so many years. This results from increased demand for these services that has seen the business flourish as an independent vertical. The unrivaled experience at Royal Metis will help you develop a space that seamlessly blends every aspect, thereby creating a functional yet aesthetic facility that please the taste as well as the eyes. We are the best in what we do and we deliver excellence throughout it all; leaving our clients happy and their customers, happier.

When you work with our qualified consultants, you benefit from working with a team who carries extensive years of experience and knowledge. While we handle significant portions of the project, you are offered the freedom to work on other core areas of your business. Our expertise spans across small and large-sized nail salons in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other parts of the UAE. To learn more, get in touch with our experts who will help transform and modernize your space to meet the demands of your clients better.

Why Choose to Start a Nail Salon Business in the UAE

Many factors support the idea of opening a salon business, whether it be in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE. The most essential being the profitability of the company. Ladies are increasingly adopting nail treatments as a staple part of their grooming. With an influx of job opportunities in the UAE, many corporate employees want to look suitable for the office, and nail grooming forms a significant part of their routine. Additionally, with year-round festivals, celebrations, and other events such as weddings, individuals make an effort to look the part, which includes getting their nails done. This translates to increasing demands for these services and why you should start a nail salon business today. The returns are impressive as the overhead costs of running a nail salon are lower than the income generated from the services rendered.

Requirements to Start a Nail Salon in Dubai

The process of setting up a nail salon is quite similar to that of starting up an ordinary salon. This is because of their similarity in the nature of business and the requirements that govern their operation. The basic requirements that are mandatory before starting a nail salon business include:

– The business owner will be required to submit official identification documents for himself/herself and any other partners running the business. This may be a copy of the passport or visa for immigrants.

– Choose a suitable and unique name for the nail salon.

– Receiving approval from the concerned department.

– Verification of the business and acceptance of registration application by the Department of Economic Development.

– A memorandum of association article needs to be drafted and signed for the company.

– Local authority officials will need to conduct an inspection and approve if the business meets all health and safety criteria required to run the business.

– All approved documents collected from various departments will then require consolidation and submission to the DED, who will issue an operating license for the business to take effect immediately.

How We Help

At Royal Metis, we have the expertise to take our clients through the process without any hassles. We consult with clients in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE to set up impeccable spaces appealing to clients and fully functional to cater to their needs. We do this by:

– We offer consultation services to understand client needs and make recommendations on what suits them most based on the consultation.

– We draft proposals and business plans on behalf of our clients on how the nail salon business will run.

– We design customized spaces personalized to client preference with modern designs and exquisite finishing.

– We source materials, furniture, lighting, and salon equipment on behalf of our clients and do the installation.

– We apply for all necessary paperwork and certification needed for the business to operate.

– We offer recruitment on behalf of our clients and conduct orientation and training before they start working with clients.

– We also provide support after the business’s official opening to assist our customers with any arising issues that require professional guidance.