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When the Process Becomes Overwhelming
It’s Time to Get Help

As more and more people continue to focus on their health goals, the fitness and wellness industry is growing at a rapid pace. Given its exponential growth, and the continued emphasis on health and fitness in society, it’s an ideal time to revamp or establish your fitness or wellness center. However, navigating the best way to become successful in a competitive market can prove challenging. That’s where a fitness and wellness business consultant can help!

Whether you are opening your first fitness center or rebranding your existing facility, the professionals at RMC (Royal Metis Consultancy) can help. From unique concept creation, to modern yet functional interior design and from market research or competitive analysis, to Technology incorporation into your Fitness equipment, everything goes into your brand creation and positioning then coupled with marketing that brings revenues and most importantly recruiting the right talents and training them to deliver your envisioned experience to your clients; our Fitness specialist will make sure you are placing your best foot forward.


Our Fitness specialist consultants work with clients to help them create a path towards opening or rebranding their fitness center. Leveraging our industry experience and supply chain relationships, we work with a clear understanding to help you develop your fitness business brand from concept to creation. Whether you are a personal trainer, gym, or athleisure brand, we can help you establish or improve on your existing operations.

When you partner with the professional Fitness and wellness consultants at RMC, we take the time to understand your vision from the ground up to ensure you turn it into a tangible reality. We start by conducting a thorough project evaluation, to include studying your Fitness center USP (Unique Selling Points), services range, space, budget and location.

  • Concept Creation
  • Location Analysis and Market Research
  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan
fitness center set up
fitness center set up consultants


Once we have evaluated your project needs, our consultants will create a customized progressive Fitness or wellness center execution plan to fully design your facility. From choosing a design direction and finding a mood that fits your space, equipment layout, and decor, we make sure your space is stunning and very memorable for its visitors, yet delivers on their investment. Every single time!

  • Architectural and Interior Design
  • Space allocation, Layout design and workflow planning
  • Fixtures, Furniture and Professional Equipment selection
    Service Range Development and Price Engineering
    Membership programs and benefits.

Once we’ve created a plan for your physical space and design layout, we’ll help you create an in depth budget and finance plan to ensure you vision comes to life within your budgetary needs.

  • Feasibility Study and Business PLan
  • Organisation structure, Payroll or compensation schemes planning
  • Operational Budget definition
  • Business Operations KPIs setting.
fitness center consultants
fitness center business set up

Aside from an amazing location, top-tier equipment, and competitive service offerings, a successful nail salon must also have a solid business plan and experienced staff. Our business consultants take the time to understand your budgetary needs to align them with your vision and brand.

  • Brand identity creation and visual design
  • Marketing and customer engagement plan
  • Team Recruitment and Onboarding Training
  • Consultancy Support and Management Services

Once your fitness center is up and running, our consultants can help your business grow and develop long into the future.

  • Operations Analysis and Alignment
  • Expansion and Franchising
  • Acquisition, Restructuring, and Reopening
  • Renovation and Rebranding
Fitness Center Consultancy Dubai

Royal Metis Fitness Center Consultancy

At Royal Metis, we recognize that the development of your fitness center set up can be an all at once exciting and daunting experience. Our professional business consultants leverage our experience in the fitness industry with personal fitness studios and commercial gyms to help our clients offer a unique experience for their target customer base.

Our end to end fitness center consultancy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Location Analysis and Market Research
  • Feasibility Study and Business Plan
  • Architectural and Interior Design
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Menu development and Professional Brands selection
  • Recruitment and Training

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