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Spa Management

Are you a spa or salon owner who has lost his/her vision for the business? At Royal Metis, we seek to help salon and spa owners relieve themselves from the stress and hassle managing their business with our specialized spa & salon management service in the UAE. From managing the businesses’ finances, sales, and customer support system to keeping a watchful eye on the products and equipment, our team of management specialists can help you to free yourself from the tedious and time-consuming management related tasks. Our team is composed of experienced professionals having the required practical and theoretical skills to manage any spa or salon environment effortlessly.

Additionally, our comprehensive range of management solutions is adaptable and can be tailored to meet individual client requirements. We work with a clear goal to make your life easier and, on the whole, deliver an exceptional in-salon or in-spa experience to your customers. If you are a salon or spa owner in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, who is seeking a viable solution to their salon management needs, get in touch with our team today to schedule a free consultation.

Why Choose Our
Management Service?

Through our spa and salon management service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we focus on helping our clients free themselves from unnecessary hassles and stay on top of the things that matter within their business.

Spa Management Sales


Let our team of specialists take care of the sales basics so that you can devote more attention and resources to other aspects of your business. With any project that we undertake, we listen to what our clients want and do our best to help them achieve their goals as quickly and professionally as possible.

Customer Relationship Management

Our management team focuses on helping our clients deliver a highly personalized guest experience to their spa or salon customers, thereby creating more meaningful and loyal relationships.

Spa Management Customer Relationship
Spa Management Marketing


From promoting new services to attracting new clients and retaining existing ones, we can help boost your business and build a powerful brand presence with a wide range of marketing tools.

Forecasting Customer Needs

Accurate demand forecasting is essential for any business as it serves as the foundation for optimizing sales, increasing operational efficiency, and improving on the existing quality of customer service. Our specialists make use of reliable market data to make informed business decisions.

Spa Management Forecasting