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Spa Setup Consultancy UAE



Spa Setup

If you are someone who is aspiring to reach the highest standards while setting out to create your own spa, it can throw before your numerous challenges. As specialists in spa setup and consulting, we here at Royal Metis seek to help our clients overcome challenges and become successful with their spa business venture. Whether the location is Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other Emirate within the UAE, our consultants have extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of spas, wellness, and cosmetic beauty.

They can help shape the vision of a new spa development or re-launch an existing spa, based on individual project requirements. In addition to delivering a high-quality spa setup service to customers, we also prioritize on rendering our solutions at competitive market prices. Our objective here at Royal Metis is to facilitate the creation, partnership, and development of a spa that delights both the owners and his customers while complementing the businesses’ core values.

Build Your Dream Spa
in the UAE

Like any other business, entrepreneurs that wish to set up a spa business can choose to obtain either a Mainland or a Freezone license. While a mainland visa provides more flexibility in how you do your business, a freezone can provide you with 100% ownership over the company. Listed below is the typical process by which you can acquire a spa business license in Dubai:

The applicant needs to submit passport and visa copies of himself and all the business partners.

An approval must be taken from the DED for the name you have chosen.

Sign the rental agreement and get the tenancy contract for the spa establishment space.

Get the necessary approval from the planning section and Dubai municipalities’ health and safety division.

Compile and submit all the required documents to the DED for final approval.

Requirements to Start a Spa
in Dubai

In Dubai, all the procedures related to the establishment of a spa service is monitored by the Department of Economic Development and the Dubai Municipality. The Dubai Municipality also has in place several guidelines that all spa businesses must follow:

It should have a sign front.

The facility should use appropriate lighting.

Ceiling height should be higher than 2.30 meters.

The facility should have separate areas for specific hygiene-based treatments, and such sections should have an area of 2.50m X 1.50m or more.

The facial treatment zone should have a washbasin.

The facility should have a water heater installed.

The spa should have all time necessary furnishing, such as cupboards and drawers, to store away all the expendables.

How We Help



At Royal Metis, we seek to help customers based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and all across the UAE, build their dream spa within the country and become successful. Upon receiving an inquiry, our spa consultants shall sit down with the client to understand his vision and the range of services that he plans to render through his facility.



With spa businesses, entrepreneurs can either buy a spa franchise, purchase an existing one, or setup a new one. We shall advise you on the best course of action, depending on your objectives.



To operate a spa or wellness facility in the UAE, the business owner will need to obtain no-objection certification and similar certifications from the concerned authorities. We assist spa business owners in acquiring all such necessary grants, permits, and insurances from the respective governmental bodies.



Based on the location and type of spa that you wish to set up, our financial experts can help in forging a detailed financial roadmap to take the hassle out of the entire process.



By understanding your target demographic and your vision, we shall source and recommend a location that best fits in with your description.